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Powder Coating

Q. What exactly is powder coating?
A. Powder Coating is a solvent free dry finishing process. Finely ground particles of pigment and resin are electrostatically charged and sprayed onto metal products. These charged particles adhere to the metal until the pigment is melted in a curing oven and fused into a solid coating. The powder coated finish is flexible, durable, and scratch resistant.
Q. Is it expensive?
A. Not when you consider the alternatives. In most cases and in the long run, powder coating is cheaper than painting and many other forms of refinishing. The color and texture options are virtually unlimited.
Q. How long before I can use the powder coated part?
A. Unlike paint which relies on a liquid solvent to fully evaporate before cured (which can take days or even weeks), powder coated parts can be put into service as soon as they are cool to the touch from the oven curing process.
Q. I have an old motorcycle frame. I would like to refinish/restore it. What happens?
A. First we completely disassemble the frame and media blast all parts. We sand and inspect for any repair work necessary like dent removal, welding repair, etc. The parts are then hung on a rack and coated with the color of your choice. Your chair is then reassembled using stainless steel fasteners (no rust!) and refurbished with any other items necessary to complete the restoration. You won't believe your eyes.
Q. How quick is your turn around?
A. We're usually able to finish in 2 weeks or less. Ask for a rush order when needed.

Ceramic Coating

Q. What is ceramic coating?
A. Ceramic coating maintains your exhaust looking new for many years. Using temperatures over 1200 degrees, it increases the durability of your exhaust pipes and other items that are exposed to extreme heat. When compared to stainless exhaust, ceramic coating is highly competitive with a better finish.

Q. How will ceramic coating affect my engine?
A. Ceramic coating is known for preventing engine components from rusting, and improving performance.
Q. What colors can I use with ceramic coating?
A. We can use ceramic coating to turn your exhausts chrome, black, or stand out colors like red, blue and green. You decide how you want it to look, and we make it happen.

Dustless Media Blasting

Q. What is dustless media blasting?
A. Unique to dustless media blasting, we inject water and rust inhibitor with recycled glass to remove rust and faded paint from your car. The best restored vehicles use this process to ensure an even, fresh coat of paint is applied. Dustless media blasting is the state-of-the-art method to remove paint safely from sheet metal and from removing undercoating, rust, and powder coating, including chrome from anything metal.

Q. What can you restore using dustless media blasting?
A. We have used media blasting on wheels, bike frames, car frames, boats, trailers, park benches, wagons, stainless steel and aluminum structures, and more.
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